“What I liked about the rainbow is that it fits all of us.

It’s all the colors. It represents all the genders. It represents all the races.

It’s the rainbow of humanity.”

— Gilbert Baker

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"As long as there is a beautiful woman, there will be poetry"

- Gustavo A. Becquer


"Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?"

- What a Girl Wants


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"I am Olga Minovich, a tango addict from New York, US, who happened to find 'ArikaNerguiz' website and loved the shoe designs.  I contacted the company and from the first e-mail I was guided through the process of ordering my 'special order' shoes by outstandingly highly professional and personable customer service representative. The process was easy, lightning-fast (took less than 2 weeks), and the shoes I received were just AMAZING: beautiful, of extremely high quality, and very, very comfortable!  I would like to express my great satisfaction, and say THANK YOU to all who worked on my order.  Great Job!!!"

Olga Minovich – SECRETO open round toe

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Takes you to the floor to slip, have the charm of softness and they are elegant.

Its strap goes up from the vamp until it crosses in T at the ankle.

Between the longing of a Confesión many turns you will dance.