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Gustavo A. Becquer




“I did go to my dance class Tuesday night. The Tita was like wearing nothing at all. I was able to dance and execute in practice effortlessly. Also Thursday evening I stepped out for an evening of social dancing in my Eterna's and for me they are the best in style, classic beauty and balance. Thanks again.”

Liz Conley

The shoes are here, and I am a happy client! They arrived in only two days. That is quicker than within Switzerland. My first impression when I opened the box and saw them was very enthusiastic: they are beautiful and look well done and solid. I didn't wear them for a long dance-evening at the moment, we just tried them for some tangos, but I am sure it will be a pleasure. My dance-partner also like them!Thank you very much, You were right : the size is perfect.I will buy shoes at Arika Nerguiz again.

Claudia Sameli

I received today my pair of Astor shoes. And my expectations for high quality were certainly met to the highest degree: The craftmanship and quality of materials are absolutely superb. In addition, I would like to say how extremely impressed I am with the service provided by your company - the extremely fast delivery, and friendly customer service. Just by way of contrast, I ordered a pair of tango shoes from a well-known U.S.-based company some time ago: I was left three months waiting on their shoes to arrive, during which time they would respond to none of my emails; when their shoes eventually did arrive, they were of extremely disappointing quality. So I learnt my lesson:… From now on, I'm sticking with Arika Nerguiz, and would be happy to recommend you to anybody.

Robert Hanley

As I arrived back to my work desk today from an appointment, there they were: my beautiful new shoes. You'll be happy to hear (and I am at least as happy to report) that they fit perfectly, absolutely perfectly, so thanks again for your sizing advice and patience with the various outlines. They are also incredibly comfortable, the softness of the leather a dream, and, well, their design and color can be described as nothing else than stunning in my view. I am very, very pleased, and I feel certain that Celina and I will have a long-lasting relationship and will experience some memorable tango moments together. Tomorrow, in fact, we will be dancing to a live orchestra (which is fairly rare here in Toronto), and on the weekend there's a trip planned to a tango festival in Montreal, so the timing of the shoes' arrival was perfect.


The shoes are absolutely gorgeous, and I was relieved to find that the 4 1/2 shoes fit me really well.  Thank you so much for assisting me finding the right size.  The fit made all the difference when I danced in them.  After two hours of dancing in them, I'm convinced that your shoes are the most comfortable and well made tango shoes in the whole world.

I was also really impressed at how the special shape of the bottom of the sole helped me dance well. I felt very graceful and natural doing typical tango moves, especially the extensions, pivots, and arrastre.


“I received the shoes today and they are so BEAUTIFUL and COMFORTABLE!!! The size is perfect. They inspire me to dance!! Thank you very very much!!

Best regards,”

Vanessa de Fábrega

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