"Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?"

- What a Girl Wants



From the hands of our artisans comes this style, to embellish your special night as a bride and make you feel the most special person in the room.

The strap surrounding the ankle adds comfort and refinement to our craft, and the cutouts give this style a unique and bold look.

People will notice the special aura you irradiate, as it were an enchantment. Even you will wink at yourself when looking up at the mirror on them.


"As long as there is a beautiful woman, there will be poetry"

- Gustavo A. Becquer

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“I did go to my dance class Tuesday night. The Tita was like wearing nothing at all. I was able to dance and execute in practice effortlessly. Also Thursday evening I stepped out for an evening of social dancing in my Eterna's and for me they are the best in style, classic beauty and balance. Thanks again.” - Liz Conley

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Takes you to the floor to slip, have the charm of softness and they are elegant.

Its strap goes up from the vamp until it crosses in T at the ankle.

Between the longing of a Confesión many turns you will dance.