“You were so kind and attentive previously when I purchased my first two pairs of shoes; 'Milongita' and 'Margot'.......... madre mia, its been some time since then, hasn't it! I have to say, and do please pass this on to your team of artisans, both pairs of my Arika Nerguiz tango shoes fit me like no other shoe, its as if they have been specifically tailored to my feet. They are so supportive. I use my 'Milongita' for my lesson, which is an hour and a half long of intensive dancing without a break, and my feet really don't ache at all. And I wear my red 'Margot' for practicas, because they are a stunning colour and everybody comments how nice they are! I have two pairs of Comme il Faut shoes, and though they are pretty, they don't 'hug' my feet the way my AN's do. As a result, I don't believe that I articulate the dance in the same way, there isn't the same finish, whether it is an ocho, gancho, voleo or decoration. We have a term here, a figure of speech, and I would say that my AN shoes are "the bees-nees" - which means ¡perfecto!......los mejores.”

Julie Wardrop – GARABITA


“WOW -- THANK YOU so much for the fabulous shoes!!! I have them on right now... These shoes have exceeded my expectations. They are so beautiful and they fit well, too. The quality of these shoes is stunning -- I'm so impressed with how soft the leather is and how well-crafted the shoes are. Thank you again. Pleasantly Surprised, Celia …”

Celia Golub – ANDREA

Just received my new shoes. Size is perfect and they are really beautiful!...I'm sure I will enjoy both pairs very much.Thank you for your excellent service and I look forward to buy some more in the near future.”

Nicole Gagnon - MARIÓN


“Thanks a lot Ana, I really enjoy the Greta, very nice shoes! The heel is very elegant, before I used the heels like Margarita and for me everything is new in Greta - the platform, the form of the heel... looks very nice! … I give you more comments about Greta after dancing! …I enjoy with Greta, I'm really satisfied with them.”

Natasha Kalitina - GRETA


“the shoes are perfect!!! I haven't expected, that life they are still better than on the Internet. They are so elegant and at the same time very comfortable. The size is also good…I thank you so much for your help and perfect service!”

Aletta – CORAZÓN


“I received them, they're lovely as always. Can't wait to break them in tomorrow.”

Miina Matsuoka - MARIÓN


“I just wanted to let you know that the shoes arrived safely today. I tried them on and they fit perfectly and I absolutely love them. The craftmentship is exquisite and they are very beautiful and I am sure I will enjoy dancing with them. .. I look forward to buying more shoes in the years to come. thanks once again, Manju.”

Manjula Chinappa - GABRIELA


“Gracias por tu email. He recibido hoy mi par de zapatos. Estoy asombrado como siempre de la rapidez de la entrega. Gracias otra vez por tu ayuda. Saludos cordiales,” (originally written in Spanish) Thanks for your email. I have received my pair of shoes today. I’m amazed as always of the speed of the delivery. Thanks again for your help.

Robert Hanley – JULIÁN


“I just got my shoes! I Love them! They are very comfortable and the left shoe works well with my bunion. I'm very happy with them.”

Karen Brown – ALFREDDA


“Thank you so much for the shoes!… He used them for our tango lesson yesterday and he said that he could feel the difference comparing to normal shoes.


I've just received my shoes - they fit me well and they are very comfortable”.



“Just love the shoes, there are so comfortable I am wearing them at work. … Thanks again”

Gordana Milatovic - LÁGRIMA


“My shoes arrived today. They are even more beautiful than I imagined. And the fit is perfect. Thanks for such good customer service. I know I will order from you again.”

Elizabeth Brinton - CELINA


“Yes - I now have the shoes Yes they are brilliant - a good fit and very sexy looking! Thank you for your attention - your service is excellent, I will use you again.”

Carol Jakubiel - MILONGUITA


“I have received my “Ilusión” shoes and they are very beautiful, as expected of your excellent company. It fits like a glove and I can’t wait to use them tomorrow at the Milonga. Thank you very much for delivering these gorgeous shoes. I hope to order another pair soon and will spend more time browsing the internet for the style that I want. I shall be in touch soon.”

Azian Shahriman – ILUSIÓN


“Yes, I received them yesterday. I love love love them!!! :) They fit great and they are really comfortable. I can't wait to try them in a Milonga. Thank you so much for all your help.”

Ayse Koprulu – CONFESIÓN


“I was out-of-town when the beautiful Secreto special shoes arrived. When I returned, I was delighted by them! They are perfect for me! Thank you very much again for your help! It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with you again.”

Sandra Markussen - SECRETO


“Thank you for sending the shoes! They are beautiful! The size is perfect!”

Sandra Markussen – CASCABEL



Natalie Shterngel – MILAGRO


“I received my shoes this morning. They are so beautiful. I must admit they are very flattering . This color red is the best color I have seen. The color red can be so dull or too brassy. This color is perfect and classy. The black also is classy and versatile. Thanks as always for your expert and speedy delivery. You are the best!”



“I have been enjoying my new ‘Caricias’ tango shoes and thinking of your vacation! I certainly would love a long holiday to enjoy my new shoes. Thank you for rushing my custom order which arrived so unexpectedly quickly. The fit is wonderful... … I am now totally spoiled and look forward to being in touch with you in the not too distant future about a new pair! I am also writing to compliment your company and you and your customer service. I was greatly inspired by your two websites … Thank you so much. You have excellent customer service!”

Margarert – CARICIAS


“The shoes are beautiful and fit well… I look forward to breaking them in…”

Katherine – TITA


“The Isabelita are beautiful and charming! Just as they are described. They fit me perfectly. The toe is not that exposed as you had said. That was my hesitation. My toes are not one of my assets and I was also afraid of the toes getting banged while dancing. But these are wonderfully designed for safety.”

Liz Conley – ISABELITA


“i've received the shoes they are gorgeous and they fit perfectly on my foot! you made my morning happy:) thank you!”

Iuliana Iorga – TITA


“Thank you so much for all of your help! They are perfect and he loves them!!!!…. Once again, many thanks for all of your help. It was definitely worth it! He loves the shoes! I will definitely contact you directly next time either one of us needs a pair! You were wonderful and a great help. Thank you soooo much! Many thanks”

Irina Briller – MUCHACHO


“I did go to my dance class Tuesday night. The Tita was like wearing nothing at all. I was able to dance and execute in practice effortlessly. Also Thursday evening I stepped out for an evening of social dancing in my Eterna's and for me they are the best in style, classic beauty and balance. Thanks again.”

Liz Conley – TITA


The shoes I received a couple of weeks ago are very beautiful and dance very good, I get a lot of compliments



The shoes have arrived and are absolutely beautiful. I went to a gala dinner …for a dance exhibition…. At the gala dinner, I danced in the brand new shoes and I experienced no difficulties at all.
I'm definitely eyeing to order next another pair of shoes soon. Shall be in touch.

Azian Shahriman – SECRETO S.S.


As always it takes some time to get used to a pair of new shoes but I got a very good impression of them. They seem to be of very good quality and I'm sure I will enjoy them for a long time.

Anders Larsson – JULIÁN


The shoes are here, and I am a happy client! 
They arrived in only two days. That is quicker than within Switzerland. My first impression when I opened the box and saw them was very enthusiastic: they are beautiful and look well done and solid. I didn't wear them for a long dance-evening at the moment, we just tried them for some tangos, but I am sure it will be a pleasure. My dance-partner also like them!
Thank you very much, You were right : the size is perfect.
I will buy shoes at Arika Nerguiz again.

Claudia Sameli – CORAZÓN


… I couldn't wait to get home today to try them on.. They are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, a perfect fit, snug but not too tight…. Most of the dancing shoes I own are too wide. In order not to 'swim' in them, I have to lace/buckle them as tightly as possible. Not these! Thank you for these works of art and also for the excellent service you rendered.

Monica Weterings – MEDIA VUELTA

About the order, I have to admit that when you said that "I am going to be amazed of how fast will I receive the shoes", it never crossed my mind that you were talking something like....5 days!!! Surprised-surprised-surprised!!!
Shoes are SUPERB!!! I am looking forward for the next pair of shoes from Arika Nerguiz.

Giorgos Millios - POLACO


I received today my pair of Astor shoes. And my expectations for high quality were certainly met to the highest degree: The craftmanship and quality of materials are absolutely superb. In addition, I would like to say how extremely impressed I am with the service provided by your company - the extremely fast delivery, and friendly customer service. Just by way of contrast, I ordered a pair of tango shoes from a well-known U.S.-based company some time ago: I was left three months waiting on their shoes to arrive, during which time they would respond to none of my emails; when their shoes eventually did arrive, they were of extremely disappointing quality. So I learnt my lesson:… From now on, I'm sticking with Arika Nerguiz, and would be happy to recommend you to anybody.

Robert Hanley – ASTOR


As I arrived back to my work desk today from an appointment, there they were: my beautiful new shoes. You'll be happy to hear (and I am at least as happy to report) that they fit perfectly, absolutely perfectly, so thanks again for your sizing advice and patience with the various outlines. They are also incredibly comfortable, the softness of the leather a dream, and, well, their design and color can be described as nothing else than stunning in my view. I am very, very pleased, and I feel certain that Celina and I will have a long-lasting relationship and will experience some memorable tango moments together. Tomorrow, in fact, we will be dancing to a live orchestra (which is fairly rare here in Toronto), and on the weekend there's a trip planned to a tango festival in Montreal, so the timing of the shoes' arrival was perfect.



The shoes are brilliant, very comfortable and fit really well.

Anna Newton – ANDREA


I received the Ocho en Tango yesterday, and of course I had to go dancing to try them out. I liked them very much. I love how I don't have to deal with the buckles for this shoe. Thank you for making available such great tango shoes and for your great service!



They are beautiful.
Your estimate of size 8.5 for me seems to be just right.
Now, to get my dancing skills to the level that honors the craftsmanship of the shoes.

Louis Brunette – FERRER


The shoes are absolutely gorgeous, and I was relieved to find that the 4 1/2 shoes fit me really well.  Thank you so much for assisting me finding the right size.  The fit made all the difference when I danced in them.  After two hours of dancing in them, I'm convinced that your shoes are the most comfortable and well made tango shoes in the whole world.

I was also really impressed at how the special shape of the bottom of the sole helped me dance well. I felt very graceful and natural doing typical tango moves, especially the extensions, pivots, and arrastre.



Thank you again for all the very personalized attention you provided.  You'll get an order for my next AN shoes really soon.


Jung Kim - MALENA S.S.


Yes I did receive the shoes and I love them.  Very well made and comfortable.
Thank you so much,

Jerry Perez – MATOS S.S.


I've just received my new shoes. Son estupendos! Bonitos! Thanks a lot for your assistance! 

Be sure I'll recommend to everyone to buy shoes at your store and to enjoy your service :)

Kindest regards,

Matilda Alvin - ILUSIÓN S.S.


When I came home from work tonight (I worked late and was feeling a bit sorry for myself).  But,  I had a wonderful surprise!!!!!  My Shoes arrived!  You are an angel.   I love them.  They were well worth all our efforts.  I tried them on and danced around.  They are great and have such balance…I will definitely order from you at any time.  This is a good start. Thank you so much.  You are awesome! and a Blessing.

Elizabeth Conley – ETERNA


…I received the shoes on Thursday.  They fit perfectly and look great.  I am taking them for their first dance this evening…

…I danced for 2 hrs. It felt like moving on velvet cushions. And everybody at the practica commented on the shoes and how stylish they are.

listair Cadden – CHIQUÉ S.S.


I arrived today at my office after one week in Barcelona for work. My new shoes had arrived and were at my desk. They fit really good and I look forward to dance with them.

Thanks for your support!

…I've been dancing a couple of times now with my AN shoes. Very comfortable and easy to dance with. I hope they will last long.

Anders Larsson – MATOS S.S.


…the shoes arrived safely (and very quickly - I am impressed!) and I love them. They are really beautiful and exactly how I have imagined them.

…I have already tried them at my classes and they are really comfortable and extremely well balanced.

Anna Newton - MELINA


I’m very happy with the shoes, perfect size and very comfortable, moreover very neat work. Very correct packing, fast forwarding. 
Once again thank you for the seriousness of your service. 
With all my thanks, receive my best greetings 
Once again for me you are a very serious house: (very neat work, correspondence and fast forwarding)
All that must be told for your company.

Marie-Helene Treillard – FLOR DE LIS


I am extremely happy with the shoe and with the fantastic customer service I received through you.  I plan to tell all my dancing friends that they should order on-line

…I am very happy with my purchase.  When I decide to buy another pair, I will contact you, thanks again.

Michele Fontaine – ALFREDDA


…the shoes arrived safely - the speed of your service was great. And the shoes are a perfect fit, so I'm very happy with them.

It was my first time buying proper tango shoes for dancing, and they actually make quite a big difference. So I'll certainly be buying more from you in the near future.

Robert Hanley - JULIÁN


I love them!

Impressive logistics! Thank you for your help in choosing the right size.

Many thanks from Sandra

Sandra Engberg - CAMINITO


I just received the shoes and they look gorgeous!  I tried them on and it fits well.  Thank you so much for your help on the sizing. 

Ya-Ching Liu – OJOS NEGROS

“This is so incredible - we just got the shoes from DHL 2 minutes ago!
And yes, they are BEAUTIFUL!!!  My shoes fit to perfection and the heel is amazing.  Encarnita's shoes are equally BEAUTIFUL!........ Thank you so much for your help.  When we come back from our show tour, we definitely want to order more!!!!!!


“...What a great support system you are!  Our entire goal when we dance is to create magic!  (If people can take their eyes off our great shoes, I think we'll do okay) We have been in the dance business many years and have worked with many vendors; you top the list!”

Raul y Encarnita - S.S. "MATOS" & "MELINA"


“I received the shoes today and they are so BEAUTIFUL and COMFORTABLE!!! The size is perfect. They inspire me to dance!! Thank you very very much!!

Best regards,”

Vanessa de Fábrega - "CAMINITO"


“Thank you for checking in, I just got to try them for the first time tonight and I am absolutely delighted.  I will certainly be passing praises around my tango community.  Already I have another pair selected, and now I know what size to order.
Your size recommendation was right on the mark.” 

“....each time I wear these shoes I love them more.  This is my first pair of closed-toed shoes, so I was a bit nervous, but I shouldn't have been....”

Sarah Atkins - "GARABITA"


“I got the shoes this morning. Thank you. They are beautiful and they  are exactly the right size. Thank you for your assistance.”

Guyven Reyes - "ALFREDDA"


“I received the Trenzas in the mail today, and I immediately tried them on. I must tell you, I am in love with my shoes! They look so beautiful, and they fit me just perfectly!”

“I can't believe how comfortable they are. Thank you so much for helping me 'make' my perfect shoes. I want to wear them everywhere, not just to dance!

A big hug for you,”

Mei Wang –S.S. "TRENZAS"


“I want to say THANK YOU to you and to the wonderful artisans of AN.  My shoes are absolutely beautiful!  They fit like a glove and are totally comfortable.  I have never had such well fitting and lovely shoes.  I am simply thrilled.  I have already tried them on with all my favorite outfits and they make all of them look terrific.  They are without a doubt the most beautiful shoes I have ever owned.  I really look forward to dancing in them.  I cannot thank you enough for these marvellous shoes.

Best wishes,”

Christine Bourbonniere - "MILAGRO"


“I was very surprised by how quickly the shoes arrived earlier this month.  Thank you for shipping them so quickly after I placed my order.
They arrived in plenty of time for my performances with a local community dance company...
I really love them both--they fit me perfectly. They are not only comfortable, but I feel well supported.  They are very well made and I am very satisified by the quality and comfort.  Also, they look fabulous and were perfect for my stage production, dancing both canyengue style and traditional Argentine Tango.  The craftsmanship is superb and I applaud your shoemakers for their skill. I know that I will enjoy dancing in them for many years to come.
Thank you again for your kindness and assistance.

Best regards,”

Michael Chinnavaso - S.S. "EL MAGO" & "JULIÁN"


“They're great! Thanks a lot. The fit is perfect, and the shoes dance beautifully, taking me happily along with them. 
Thanks for your help.”

Sheila Meltzer - "TITA"


“Once again thank you very much for all your help and patience!
I received the shoes and they are really very beautiful !!! and also the size is perfect”

“When something is worthy it is right to tell people, by the way not only the product is fantastic but also the shipping is  very fast and easy (the parcel directly at home). Also there are not price surcharge surprises. I will check your internet site time to time, and for sure i will find out other shoes i like. Have a nice day.

Daniela Maiocchi – ILARA


I am just back from vacation. What a treat to have my new shoes waiting for me! I have them on now...they feel wonderful. The heel height is perfect for practicing. The Chrome Soles feel almost as if I am dancing without feet are really "in touch" with the floor. I am VERY happy that you included the inserts, that little extra padding makes a big difference in my foot comfort.

They are very comfortable and already, I have enjoyed practicing in them. Thank you very much and I look forward to buying another pair soon!"

As always, I am so pleased with your exceptional service!


Lisa Farina - TITA


“My new shoes arrived today. I am absolutely delighted with both the quality and fit. Finding shoes that fit so well is very difficult for me. 
Thank you again!” 

Gina Opdycke – TITA


“Received the shoes. They are as beautiful as they looked on your web site. They fit perfectly.”

Jacqueline Steager - MALENA


”THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I was so happy to receive the Marions, they are beautiful shoes! I've already performed in them and received many compliment about how stunning they are.  Since they are so exquisite I don't plan on wearing them except for performance.... which is why it's wonderful that my Garua shoes arrived just in time for practice.  
You are truly a wonderful group of people and you make the most amazing shoes to dance in.  I can't say thank you enough.”

Jennifer Small - MARIÓN


“Thank you very much for the shoes! They fit like they were designed for me and they are incredibly comfortable! I am very pleased with them.”

Sarah Gosline - OJOS NEGROS


“I wore my shoes at tango class today and I'm very happy with them.  I can do ochos now with such ease!  They glide nicely on the dance floor.

Thank you for all of your help.  Of course, I will check your site again”

Lise Daoust – CAMINITO


“I got the shoes today. They look great.
I am so happy!
The shoes fit fine, the size is great. 
Ana, you are really the best!!
Thank you so much for helping me out.”

Lucile Ives - CARICIAS


Yes my shoes arrived on Friday and they are wonderful. They are not tight at all I am not even going to have to break them in. I wore them for my practice session on Friday and could not believe how comfortable they are. It makes such a difference my feet did not hurt at all like when I wear my ballroom shoes for tango class. My tango instructor on Saturday was so excited when he saw the shoes he commented that the shoes make my line look amazing and he has never seen my salida look so good. He felt I had picked the perfect shoe for my foot and legs. Thank you again for all of your help. You have an excellent product and I will be sure to tell everyone where I got them and encourage them to try your shoes if they are looking for tango shoes.

Michelle – CORAZÓN


“I do love them and I think they will be fine. They are so beautiful.
You have been so wonderful, this is the best customer service I have EVER had in ANY company, especially on-line. I will buy every pair of tango shoes from you and will recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you again .

Pam Hague – TANGUERA


My mother loved the shoes! They fit perfectly, and she was very excited to have them. To try them out, we even tangoed a bit! My mom moved quite well in the Secretos, and we all had a great time.
Thank you for helping make this a wonderful Mother's Day for my mom! I will highly recommend Arika Nerguiz to anyone looking for beautiful tango shoes.

Reggie Williams - SECRETO


I danced in them for 4 hours last night at practica. They are perfect.

Your service has been impeccable; it was prompt, friendly and thorough and I am happy to let everyone know about it.

Thank you for all your help.



I did finally get a chance to dance in the shoes this weekend - they are beautiful and feel good.  Thank you again for your assistance!

Valerie Beard – ILARA


Did receive the shoes. They are very beautiful. 
I am enjoying my shoes more and more.
I look forward to buying another pair soon.

Nancy Candea – GARÚA


"I am Olga Minovich, a tango addict from New York, US, who happened to find 'ArikaNerguiz' website and loved the shoe designs.  I contacted the company and from the first e-mail I was guided through the process of ordering my 'special order' shoes by outstandingly highly professional and personable customer service representative. The process was easy, lightning-fast (took less than 2 weeks), and the shoes I received were just AMAZING: beautiful, of extremely high quality, and very, very comfortable!  I would like to express my great satisfaction, and say THANK YOU to all who worked on my order.  Great Job!!!"

Olga Minovich – SECRETO open round toe


I received the shoes and they fit like a glove!!! I'm so happy and excited! They are BEAUTIFUL!!! 
Thank You for all of your help!

Katie Flanagan - TITA


yes, the shoes came on Friday, I was very surprised, that the delivery was so fast! Great, thank you!
Of course I tried the shoes right away. They fit perfect…

Jaro Cesnik - DON JUAN


Thanks very much for checking up on the shoes. They arrived safely and are on my feet right now. They fit perfectly and are soooooooo pretty! I will wear them in tango class tomorrow. Thank you, these are just the best shoes... I LOVE the red and the new rounded toe design!

Diana Price - SECRETO Rounded Toe


I received today my splendid tango shoes. Cheer for the speed with which you dealt with my request.

It is certain my next shoes will come from your workshops.

Françoise Bouzer - MUÑEQUITA


The shoes are beautiful and they fit perfectly!! Tomorrow, I will look at your catalog and order another one.

Michaela Puno - OJOS NEGROS


I just wanted to let you know that my beautiful shoes arrived today (so fast!).  I'm thrilled with them. They fit perfectly! Thank you for all of your help.



I recived the package yesterday, thank you for taking care of my order so promtly. The are fitting perfect, I went to my tango lessen yesterday night and it is such a big difference! It is great to dance with this new shoes and they look great.
I am very satisfied,
thank you,

Gisela Dechat - SECRETO Rounded Toe


The shoes are very elegant. I am happy.

Jolanda Schrogers - CARICIAS


The size is fine- your advice was excellent- …… the shoes seem very well made. Thank you once again for your help,

Jason Warby - JULIÁN


I received your shoes and I am very happy with them!

Branka Otasevic - ETERNA


The shoes were at my doorstep yesterday when I arrived home from work.  They are very beautiful and fit very well. The craftsmanship on these shoes is exceptional! The leather is beautiful and the details are superb. Needless to say, I am very happy with them!  I'll be watching for more styles in the future. 

Patricia Kalscheur - MARIÓN & FRENESÍ


Thank you very much for the shoes! They fit like they were designed for me and they are incredibly comfortable! I am very pleased with them.

Sarah Gosline - OJOS NEGROS


I wore my shoes at tango class today and I'm very happy with them.  I can do ochos now with such ease!  They glide nicely on the dance floor.

Thank you for all of your help.  Of course, I will check your site again for your new shoe collection.

Lise Daoust - CAMINITO


I did finally get a chance to dance in the shoes this weekend - they are beautiful and feel good
Thank you again for your assistance!

Valerie Beard - ILARA


I just received the shoes and I love them!
They are perfection at my feet.
Please keep my file up to date with size, width etc....
Thank you for all your help and I'm sure I will buy again, maybe even in volume!.

Christina Barile - GARÚA


The shoes are beautiful and fit very well. I like the special soles I had made. I won't slip using them.

Michaela Puno - S.S. GARÚA Suela de Cromo


“the shoes are once again wonderful. It’s the highest heels I’ve tried so far, and still very comfortable and stable for me. And they look SO good... I’m happy.”

Lena Olausson – MUÑEQUITA.

“I did get them the other day and danced in them last night.  They are wonderful, and I got so many compliments.  Thank you so much for all your help.”

Valerie Beard – TITA.


“The shoes arrived. They fit like a glove. And they are beautiful!

Thank you so much for your patience and guidance with my shopping. I really appreciate your help. I look forward to many wonderful dances in my shoes.”

Emily Mooney – MUÑECA BRAVA. 


“The shoes have arrived. They are beautiful and fit perfectly. The 8.5 was exactly the right size. Thank you so much for your help and advice. I have no doubt you will receive another order from me in the future.”

Leanne Mc Rae - GARABITA.


“I received the shoes just in the right time…The shoes are absolutely gorgeous and have a perfect fit. They are easy to walk in and really steady. Great. I can't wait until I get to dance in them.

Thank you again for your patience with me and I will definitely get my next tango shoes from you.”

Maria Emanuelsson SECRETO.


“Although I haven’t danced in them yet, I can say that they are very comfortable and fit me perfectly! I did put on a record and danced a little by myself, and they felt very steady and balanced. And look so good. I’m very pleased and longing for Friday’s milonga!”

Lena Olausson - TITA.


“Thank you, yes they did arrive this morning.  They are beautiful and the length is perfect.”

Andrea Foulkes – OJOS NEGROS.


“I received your shoes finally! And in good condition too!
I really love them I'll wear them on Friday and i'll tell you how comfortable they are.
Thanks a lot, i really appreciate your work and i am very satisfied.”

Laura Lazzari - MARIÓN.


“My shoes just arrived!  They are a perfect fit and so beautiful.  Thank you very much for your help--I am so impressed with the service from your company. “

Sandra Greene - ISABELITA.


“i am happy to inform you that AN tango shoes are very comfortable and i can dance without any problem. I am very satisfied.

Thank you again”

Laura Lazzari – MARIÓN.


“I did indeed receive the shoes today, and wanted to let you know that they are beautiful! And they fit perfectly too! I haven’t danced in them yet, but as soon as I do I will let you know how comfortable they are. Judging from the fit, I am sure that they will be very comfortable and that I will enjoy dancing in them.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to commend you and thank you for your assistance, your interest and your excellent customer service. I was very impressed by the process of buying shoes from Arika Nerguiz, and have already recommended you to several of my friends. You can be sure that when next I buy tango shoes – I will buy them from Arika Nerguiz. Many thanks and best regards”

Liav Abraham - SECRETO.


“thanks for letting me know, I didn't expect them that soon!
I just got them...haven't danced in them yet, but by the look of it: they are great, elegant, soft and light and a perfect size as well! Thanks for the shoes and the great customers support.
Looking forward to coming back as a customer, as soon as possible”

Aida Kapic - MUÑEQUITA.


“…The shoes are fabulous, I enjoyed dancing in them during the whole week. Thank you very much for all your help with this!”

Irirna Konourina - CAMINITO.


“had arrived - in the last 10 minutes  !  I nearly kissed the DHL man !!... They are perfect in every way.  They fit like a glove and they look exquisite.  I'm attending a practica tonight so I shall try them out.  I'm wearing them as I type.

Thank you so very much for your very kind, prompt and patient assistance.  I absolutely adore my shoes.

Julie Wardrop - MILONGUITA.


“me llegaron los zapatos ayer MUCHAS GRACIAS! SON FANTASTICOS!!!! muy elegantes, muy bien elaborados, de excelente material, me van como guante a mi pie, muy cómodos y dan una sensación al bailar que es como andar sobre nubes, fantástico. Estoy contentísima y muy agradecida.”

Barbara Schrewe - MARIÓN.


“just a few moments ago the shoes arrived ! Everything arrived safe and sound and in good state and I am ever so pleased with their looks , but even more with the feel on my feet. 
They fit like a glove and are VERY nice to wear - at least what I can say after these few moments. 
The heel is a bit higher then I usually wear so I will have to exercise but I am sure I will get accustomed. 
And I will come back soon for more !!! Lovely shoes indeed - thanks for the great service !!”

Martina Weber - CORAZÓN.


“I received the shoes and they fit me perfect. Thank you for your help.”

Gustavo Sirit – JULIÁN.


“I got them, thank you for the extremely quick delivery!!
The shoes are indeed very good quality, and lovely to wear - steady and balanced, and as comfortable as a pair of sneakers…I see why you are so proud over your shoes! 

Lisa von Boisman - MARIÓN.


“I received the shoes and they are perfect :)  Thank you for your sizing advice and all your help.”

Irirna Brennen - CONFIDENCIAS.


“YES, I received the shoes yesterday and THANK YOU, They are so beautiful and they fit very nicely!!!!!!! “

Betty Jo Costanzo - MUÑEQUITA.


“They have arrived!  They fit perfectly and are very very beautiful.  Thank you. I Love them. “

Katherine Sharkey - GARABITA.


“The shoes are beautiful!  The workmanship is outstanding.  My compliments to the craftsmen.  The fit, thanks to your most welcome suggestions, is perfect. I could not be more pleased.”

Richard Lee - FERRER.


“Thank you so much , I love the shoes, and the fit is perfect!! Thank you for all your help, and I will definitely order again at a later stage.”

Hilda van Niekerk - BERRETÍN.

“I received the shoes yesterday! They fit perfectly and are very comfortable!! Very good service!! Thanks!!”

Sophie Chabot - BERRETÍN.


“Yes, they arrived last Friday at my place of work and are absolutely beautiful! I wore them all day around the office and received many compliments…as I said they are lovely and the quality is very nice. The shoes are wonderful.
Thank you so much for all of your help and for delivering them so swiftly.

Angel Salavec - TITA.


“I had just returned home from the supermarket, loaded with 12 bags of shopping, when there was a knock at the door.  There stood Mr DHL holding a rectangular package.  "You're just about to make my day" I said to him.......... they are BEAUTIFUL! They are exquisite and just like the Milonguita, fit me like a glove. I can't wait to try them out next week when I have my lesson in London.

Thank you again, so very very much for your attentive professionalism.”

Julie Wardrop - MARGOT.


“today my wife received the Shoes

FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much !!!!!!!

Size is perfect !

Shoes are sexy and comfortable.

My wife's tango, now, is better !!!!!!!!

Thank you, again,

especially for your professionalism.

Francesco Ritrovato & Roberta - MARIÓN.


“I have already worn my Madame Yvonne shoes. I have not been dancing in them, but they are so comfortable, that I wore them to work. I had many compliments, as the style is so different.”

Hilda van Niekerk – CONFIDENCIAS & MADAME YVONNE (S.S.).


“Comme convenu ,je tiens a vous préciser que je suis très contente des chaussures, très belle fabrication,travail bien soigné,tout a fait ce que j'attendais.
Le sérieux de votre fabrication artisanale et de votre service expédition ,me mène a étre cliente pour de prochaines commandes.
En attendant de vous recontacter,je vous adresse de nouveau tous mes remerciements. »

Marie Hellene Treillard – CAMINITO (S.S.).


“ I did receive the shoes.  They are very nice looking and well constructed. They seem well made.”

Michael Bohan - JULIÁN.


“Are beautiful and arrived in excellent condition.  Thank you so much for the good service.  Plse keep my size as I may order more shoes from you later.  Thanks... “

Azian Shahariman - CONFIDENCIAS.


“I am very happy with the shoes, the look even better on than I thought they would be from your photos.
…They are definitely the best dance shoes that I have see and danced in, passed the silver medal with honours, every one was very impressed with the style and look.
Thank you very much for your help and for these beautiful shoes, I especially like your heel design, the extra width compared to other shoes is better.
Your company should be proud of a fine product and its service

Leigh Watkins - FERRER


“they are beautiful...with such soft and supple leather!
wore them to the practica last night and they are awesome to dance in ...
all the girls agreed ...even some of the fellas. so have passed your name on ..not only with regards to your beautiful shoes ...but also your extraordinary customer service”

Meg Benbow - ROMÁNTICA.


“I received my new shoes.  They fit perfectly.  I shall dance in them  soon.  They are beautiful.”

Sharon Westlake - MARIÓN.


“I received them this afternoon! They are fantastic thank you very very much, they fit totally right”

Maarten Besseling – JULIÁN (S.S.).


“I'm THRILLED with my new Marion’s!! Thank you so much for encouraging me to pursue a different style, especially with the soft leather combination. The size is perfect, and the toe opening is perfect. They look terrific and feel so comfortable!”

Barbara Roth - MARIÓN.


“They fit perfectly and are very comfortable to walk and move in. I finally got to dance in them last night.  Many other dancers commented on how beautiful the shoes were and were curious about where I found them. I told them how I found you and recommended your shoes for anyone who is looking for exquisite shoes designed for Tango. I can't wait to go to Milonga in San Francisco!

I found them very easy to dance in, they allow me to move quickly and smoothly on the floor. (they also made me just a little taller than usual which is perfect for me and my partner). I was afraid at first that I should have chosen the 2.5 inch heel but after dancing for a short while everything was fine.  I love them!

Thank you for your amazing customer service and attention, you really make beautiful shoes. When I need new Tango shoes I know where to go.”

Jennifer Small - GARÚA.


“I did get the shoes and they are gorgeous, of course.  Thanks for your help!”

Valerie Beard - MARIÓN.


“My shoes are fantastic. You were right about the cushioned insoles; they make the shoes fit perfectly.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you.”

Jessica Adams - MUÑEQUITA.


“Love them already! They look so good i would like to wear them outside tango too... Fit perfectly as always. Will not dance until the weekend though. Amazingly quick delivery. And thank you for your service”

Lena Olausson - .


“I have received them and the shoes are perfect and very beautiful.”

Ira Nanlohy.


“I just received my shoes, and they are just beautiful! The best thing is that they fit perfectly, and I am very thankful for your help on the sizing.”

Mei Wang.


“I just got my shoes and they really very beautiful!  They fit perfectly and I will dance in them tonight.  I am sure all the ladies will want to know where I got them”

Willa Forbes – GARÚA (S.S.).


“I love the shoes, they are so well made”

Carmela Pettigrew.


“I received the shoes today and the size is perfect. Thanks for all your help.”

Marla Tamburro.


“Just received the shoes today and they are absolutely fabulous!  In fact, they are so wonderful I cannot wait to order my next new pair!  Thank you so much for all your help.”



”I wore new shoes for the first time last night, the 3' heel is perfect for me and they are so comfortable I am really thrilled with them.”

Willa Forbes.


“I danced in them for four hours yesterday!

They fit perfectly - well done! I'm really impressed with the soles, which are wonderfully flexible, and comfortably padded.”

Katherine Harding – CELINA


“I just received the promesa shoes! I didn’t expect them, they're really stunning!”

Paola Borgonovo – PROMESA


“We had our dance this past Friday evening and it was fantastic…
The black with red trimmed shoes were perfect!!
Thank you for your effort in making this a wonderful evening.”

Michael Puzio & Rebecca – CAMINITO & CONFESIÓN

“They are perfect, I really love how they look and feel.  You are right about the size… I did a little practice last night and I think I will really like the open toe just as much as the Garua and it will be so nice to have both so comfortable but still beautiful.  Your shoes are amazing and I will look forward to the next pair…

Willa Forbes – CELINA


They fit great and are a work of art, The workmanship is outstanding. Also Great service.”

Lena Johnson – CORAZÓN & ETERNA.


“thank you arrived today....fascinating colour ...and i love the asymmetry of the peak....the heel height is no problem....of course i had to put them on immediately...and they are wonderfully comfortable .

thanks so much for all your help”

Meg Benbow – ALFREDDA.


“When I returned home from work today I found that my shoes had been delivered.  I LOVE THEM!!!!!  They are so beautiful and they fit perfectly!!!  Thank you so much!!!  I am sure they are the most gorgeous tango shoes in the entire world!  No shoes made in Argentina could be any nicer!!! “

Linda Vogel – CAMINITO (S.S.)


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