About AN


A Luis XV please!...
Nothing is produced by its
own self and few things last forever.


History and tradition

The family tradition goes back to the threshold of the sixties by the hand of our founder, who becoming independent in his job as a leather craftsman began building a workshop dedicated to women’s elegance.

Since then, his obsession for good taste, the care for detail and all what makes the quality, shaped the basis of his company.

Sensuality was his main concept, the essence of the feminine his inspiration. To bring women the delicacy of a shoe meant to dedicate a touch of harmony to her beauty.

The meticulous craftsmanship has defined, from the beginning, the refinement of our footwear. With the love for our trade and other fundamental concepts, we have inherited the art of bringing life to every pair of shoes.

Form and substance 

A high quality shoe is the result of each piece and each step of its production. From the design and development of a model we look for a balanced combination of the materials and their shape.

The careful selection of fine leathers is one of the premises on our starting points. In the variety of colors, textures, softness, flexibility and endurance; this noble material attract us, seduces us with its touch and there is no possible imitation that could give us that sensation.


The shoemakers that work at our workshop cut, prepare, assemble, put the soles, hammer. From the beginning to the end, the making process is entirely handmade. In this real beehive work, each one uses their adequate tool and puts all their attention and care to get the maximum quality on each stage.
Leather shaping is an art that runs through their veins. Life, attractiveness and comfort of a brand new pair are the reflection of a complete and conscious devotion to the trade. Because of this, a hand made shoe will always have its own magic.


"The narrowest hinge of my hand puts to scorn all machinery" 

Walt Whitman.


Committed to the craftsman condition, it is not our idea to compete with the industrial speed, nor with its quantities. It’s the quality factor which sets our distinctive feature. We are of those who believe that there will always be people looking for something special.

At Arika Nerguiz we use the best, natural skins and noble materials with the emphasis on slender terminations. This is how we get this product, carefully working in its quality, placing our mark on the attention to the minimum detail.